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Customs Clearance

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Customs Clearance

Our services are based mainly on planning, speed, security, and transparency of customs
efforts in the different customs of our country; which allows us to optimize time and cost.
As Customs Agency, we are obliged to maintain the confidence our clients give us when representing them before the Customs Authority at the end of their deliveries.

Customs Clearance

Fulfillment of the set of necessary customs formalities so that the merchandise are put under a customs regime.

Early Dispatch

It is possible to request for any merchandise up to 15 days before the arrival of the ship, in order to know the channel for revision at Customs and to take actions for optimizing time.

Exceptional Dispatch

This method requires the merchandise to enter a temporary warehouse and then move to the Customs Clearance area. Formerly known as Regular Dispatch.
The new dispatch model aims to modernize customs management through the implementation of international best practices and the intensive use of technology, on the basis of modernization in the guaranteed early dispatch.

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