Much of Peru’s exportable supply has export potential that is not always exploited due to the difficulty of entering new international markets physically with a branch or trading partner. However, there is a network that will allow you to export your products: the internet.

Today we want to talk to you about some important steps that you must follow so that the export that you do with the company or in person can be a success. Keep in mind these steps, as they will help you achieve your mission of being a successful exporter and be sure that your package will arrive in the right hands.

Tips on how to export from Peru to the world

1-. Make the right offer online

Many Peruvian products have great potential to be exported through the Internet, but these must be adapted to the target audience in both presentation and packaging. Similarly for an optimal presentation on the Internet you must have relevant information for your online sales such as professional photos, product measures, presentations, payment methods, shipping options, etc.

2-. Always seek to improve your presence on the web

Companies must have an optimum website, accounts in social networks, presence in international e-commerce platforms, blogs or forums of the sector’s theme, specialized directories, and the generation of content in all these channels dissemination and marketing.

3-. Constantly looking for customers online

There are different ways to find international clients, either for free or with the purchase of this type of information, something very usual to shorten search times. International clients can be found in on-line business directories, chambers’ websites in destination countries, international customer bases, commercial intelligence platforms or e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba or Ebay. Do not forget anything that will never fail, public relations through contacts (family or friends) abroad.

4-. Pay attention to negotiations and means of payment

The negotiation process is an important aspect, especially when you do not personally know who you are negotiating with. It is important to manage digital communication channels that are effective, low cost and increase the trust of both parties. Video calls (Skype or Hangouts), chat on the website, and corporate emails with their respective signature are excellent solutions. The means of payment can also influence the closing of the sale as the traditional means can increase the transaction costs, but means of payment like PayPal or international bank transfers can reduce these costs.

5-. Do a logistic monitoring from the web

For export use the customs regime, according to the Incoterm that you have agreed with your customer in the traditional way. We can also improve the follow-up service to our international customers through online tools available by the customs of both countries, and those who provide the chosen means of transport. Courier companies often have tracking codes to know exactly where the merchandise is located.

With these steps and recommendations to follow your company will be able to increase its exports and expand its markets in a short time. Start with one or two countries, one region and then conquer the world with your products.

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